Susan Thomas is a regular contributor and creator of warriors with a pen. She is a stay home mother of three beautiful children and married to a wonderful man who is a pastor to a church in Proctorville, OH.  She writes devotions to help others grow in their faith with the Lord. She also writes posts about epilepsy to help spread awareness as she has struggled with epilepsy for years. She is also working on going back to school to finish her Bachelor’s degree to become a crisis counselor.


Anthony Thomas is an occasional contributor of Warriors With a Pen. He is a full-time pastor at New Hope UMC in Proctorville, OH. He is married to Susan Thomas and a father to three beautiful children. He has his master’s degree in Divinity from MTSO seminary school and has a heart to help others on their faith journey.


What Is Warriors With A Pen?

Warriors with a Pen is a blog dedicated to bringing you God-centered content to help you grow on your faith walk and also bring content to help spread awareness to Epilepsy.