10 Inspirational Scripture Verses for The Epileptic

When I was first officially diagnosed with epilepsy in Junior High I had walked away from my faith in God. I went to church to make my parents happy but I was just pretending. I had lots of anger towards him and tried to deal with my seizure problems on my own. Eventually though the epilepsy broke me and I found myself on my knees and desperate. It wasn’t until I gave my heart back to him that I found the strength I needed to fight my epilepsy and eventually make peace with it. There is no doubt in my mind that the only reason I have been able to find a happy fulfilling life as an epileptic is because of my faith in God. I hope the following scriptures can bring you hope and peace as you fight your own battle with epilepsy.

God has the power to heal us. It may not be in a way we want or expect but he will walk through this sickness with you. You are never alone.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. It is a powerful tool God gives us to get through the tough times in our life. Just remember God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the way we want. Sometimes his answer is not now or no. Even when his answer is yes it may not be answered in the way you expected.

When you have epilepsy or love someone with epilepsy it can be hard to go on with day to day life. There is always that lingering fear of when the next seizure will strike. It can be easy to loose hope and become tired of living this way. Just remember God is always there willing to give you the strength you need to continue on.

It is okay to call out to God in our moments of despair. I myself have done this many times. I have called out to him as a young girl alone in her room afraid of having another seizure. As a mom who felt helpless as her baby lay in the NICU and when my unborn child died within me. While it doesn’t make the pain disappear it always brings comfort, peace, and hope to a situation knowing I am not suffering alone.

Even though it may not feel like it right now. God does protect you and you are blessed. It can just be hard to see our blessings when things seem to be going so wrong or when we feel like epilepsy singled us out somehow. Try to write three blessings you have each day. Even on the tough days. Training your mind to find the positive can bring you through the darkest of times.

Our physical bodies can feel less than perfect to put it nicely, but we don’t need perfect. We have God who will give us all we need. All we have to do is ask and have faith he will provide us with the strength we need.

God can help us to have joy even when our seizures are uncontrolled and the idea of control seems impossible. He can give you the peace and happiness you crave if you are willing to listen and trust him.

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I am a writer, epilepsy advocate, pastor's wife, mom of 4 who doesn't care how old she is and would need a calculator to tell you how old she is.

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  1. Awesome article!! I’m epileptic as well and would love to share my story with you sometime. The only thing that will help end the stigma and the misunderstanding is by not being afraid to share our stories and talk about it.

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