10 Celebrities With Epilepsy To Motivate You!

When you have epilepsy it can be easy to doubt that you’ll ever be able to accomplish anything with what seems like a never-ending amount of hurdles before you. Truth is you can still do great things even with your epilepsy. It’s just something you have to learn how to workaround. Here are 10 celebrities with epilepsy who have done amazing things and totally get what you are going through!

1 Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne 2013 Interview

Lil Wayne was hospitalized one day after having multiple seizures and later admitted that he was epileptic and has had many seizures in his lifetime. It only came to light when he had 3 seizures in a row and nearly died. This is a man you could easily say had the deck stacked against him not only with his epilepsy but with the neighborhood he grew up in as well. Even so, he managed to make straight A’s, acquire his GED, go to college, and sell platinum records! If he can do all that with the crap he had to overcome so can you!

2 Dai Greene

Dai Greene Young Epilepsy

Dai Greene was diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age. For years he struggled to control his seizure disorder, but eventually, he realized his triggers were alcohol, stress, and lack of sleep. I am sure many of us can relate to those. So to stop his seizures he made some major lifestyle changes and found control. It is good to note he didn’t stop seeing his doctor and continued to see medical care during and after that process. He went on to be an Olympic athlete busting the common myth we often tell ourselves. He proves you can indeed have epilepsy and play sports.

3. Danny Glover

You may recognize Danny Glover from the lethal weapon movies. What many don’t realize is that as a child Danny Glover struggled with epilepsy. He eventually outgrew his seizures and hasn’t had an attack since 1980. This paved the way for him to pursue his acting career and he is an active supporter of The Epilepsy Foundation.

4. Jason Snelling

Jason Snelling talks about his epilepsy

NFL Player Jason Snelling was diagnosed with epilepsy in college. He eventually found a treatment that allowed him to continue his career as a professional athlete. He is very outspoken about his epilepsy and an active epilepsy awareness advocate. His interview about his epilepsy begins at about the 36-second mark in the video above.

5 Neil Young

Neil Young has lived what many might consider to be a difficult life. He had Polio at the age of 5 and was eventually diagnosed with epilepsy. He was diagnosed at a time where very little was understood the neurological condition and even underwent one treatment that is now banned. His daughter was later diagnosed with epilepsy as well and he has helped her manage her epilepsy. Even though his life has been full of hardship he hasn’t let that stop him from doing what he loves…creating music.

6 Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle took the world by storm about ten years ago when she performed on Britain’s Got Talent. People were in love with her gorgeous singing voice. Susan Boyle has opened up about being diagnosed with epilepsy as a child. As a child, many people thought epilepsy was due to a mental problem and this is one struggle she had to overcome. Since she came into the spotlight she has had to deal with a breakdown due to the pressure from the media and being diagnosed with Asperger’s as well.

7 Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison Epilepsy Foundation PSA

Rick Harrison was diagnosed with epilepsy as a child and struggled with it through his teen years. His epilepsy caused him to spend a lot of time in his room reading books where he developed his passion for history. He pushed through the naysaying and hardships to open up his pawnshop and have his own tv show about his pawnshop. Today he is an active advocate for the Epilepsy Foundation and helps bring awareness in his home state of Nevada.

8 Prince

Prince opens up about his Epilepsy

Prince the late Grammy award-winning performer, may he rest in peace, opened up about having epilepsy as a child. He was often teased and bullied due to his epilepsy and he credits these hardships to helping him make his music career a success.

9 Chanda Gunn

Chanda Gunn and Epilepsy

As a child, Chanda Gunn wanted to be an Olympic swimmer but found that dream crushed when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Chanda did not let this stop her dreams of being an Olympic athlete instead she found a new way of achieving her dreams. She discovered ice hockey and threw herself into the sport and ended up playing for the US Ice Hockey Team as the goalie in 2009. Chanda is an avid supporter of epilepsy and pushing those with this neurological condition to reach for their dreams.

10 Hugo Weaving

Hugo Weaving Epilepsy

Hugo Weaving is known for his roles in The Matrix, Lord of The Rings, and V for Vendetta also has epilepsy. He has admitted to having major seizures at least once a year as a teenager. In The Guardian, he stated: ” People always thought I was laid back, but I was basically doped for 30 years on epilepsy drugs. I ran out of my meds filming in the desert and went cold turkey. I was on a moderately high dose and it was masking a nervous anxiety I didn’t know I had.” He has never let his epilepsy stop him from going for his dreams.

These are only but a few celebrities who overcame the challenges of Epilepsy to achieve their dreams. If they can overcome these challenges then so can you. Don’t let epilepsy rob you of a full life. Go for your dreams.

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