10 Songs For Those Horrible No Good Seizure Days!

Songs for the Epileptic
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I learned at an early age that music is a powerful thing. When writing one of my fiction pieces it helps me see that fictional world more clearly and inspires. When having a bad day it has the power to bring a small piece of hope and happiness into it. Sometimes when everything just seems horrible it’s there to empathize with me and make me feel not so alone after all. So if you are looking for some good songs to listen to after a horrible day with seizures here are 10 inspirational songs for the epileptic.

1 Fight Song- Rachel Platten

Fight Song- Rachel Platten

This song reminds us to keep fighting. That even when everything turns to crap we can take a breath, say it’s okay, and keep moving forward. If you are looking for inspiration to keep moving forward check out this song.

Can I just take a moment to reread some of the lyrics? How relatable are these lyrics for the epileptic?

2 The Climb-Miley Cyrus

The Climb-Miley Cyrus

I am not a huge fan of Miley’s but this is one song of hers I do like. As much as epilepsy sucks and we just want it to be gone, it shapes many of us into who we are. Our journey may be hard, but the journey will make us stronger. Who knows maybe one day we will be able to help someone just starting their own journey with epilepsy.

3 Try-Pink


Sometimes the best we can do is Try. Epilepsy can cost us a lot. It can cost us good grades in school. It can cost us relationships. It can cost us some of the physical activities we enjoy doing, but life is worth trying for. You may get burned but you have to get back up and try!

4 Fear Is A Liar- Zach Williams

Fear Is A Liar-Zach Williams

Much of what holds us back as epileptics is fear. Whether it be our own fear or fear placed there by someone who cares for you. Fear convinced me to give up trying to become anything worth being. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I found the courage to ignore that fear and try. Remember fear is a liar. You can be somebody and make a difference. You can be loved and you can be happy, even with epilepsy.

5 Beauty From Pain- Superchick

Beauty From Pain- Superchick

This particular song got me through some really rough days. It reminded me that it was okay to not be okay sometimes. That all I had to commit to was to keep trying and one day it would be better. If you aren’t okay right now that’s okay. Just decide to keep breathing and to try again tomorrow.

6 One Day You Will- Lady Antebellum

One Day You Will-Lady Antebellum

This song reminds us that things may be hard right now. We may be just hanging by a thread but one-day things will be better. We just have to hang on.

7 Sound of Surviving- Nicole Nordeman

Sound of Surviving- Nicole Nordeman

This song is all about finding that inner strength, ignoring those cruel voices in your head, silencing your fear and continuing on.

8 Warrior- Hannah Kerr

Warrior- Hannah Kerr

Never forget you are a fierce warrior. You have already won so many battles and emerged a stronger person. Keep fighting the fight! You got this!

9 Stand in the Rain- Superchick

Stand in the Rain-Superchick

You may feel like giving up and that all is lost, but you have got to keep standing. You have got to keep going!

10 Not Gonna Die- Skillet

Not Gonna Die- Skillet

Epilepsy and depression often go hand in hand. So with this song, I hope it reminds you not to give up, but instead to fight back and take your life back. Just because life is harder now doesn’t mean you should give up!

I hope the above ten songs help you through a bad seizure day! Leave your bad seizure day song recommendations in the comments and feel free to share to help someone else. If you have trouble thinking you can be anything with this seizure disorder check out my 10 celebrities with epilepsy post!

I am a writer, epilepsy advocate, pastor's wife, mom of 4 who doesn't care how old she is and would need a calculator to tell you how old she is.

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I am a writer, epilepsy advocate, pastor's wife, mom of 4 who doesn't care how old she is and would need a calculator to tell you how old she is.

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