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Conquering the Fear of Surgery- Bert’s Story

This story was found on youtube.com on Penn Medicine’s youtube channel. Warriors With A Pen is not the creator of this story but found this story to be inspiring and worthy of sharing.

Bert’s journey began like so many of ours. He struggled with his seizures and they affected his life in a very negative way. On his really bad days when he had seizures for much of the day he would wake up later and forget where he was or forget what had happened the day before.

In school, he would do really well during a semester then have a bad night of seizures and forget everything he learned. It was frustrating and difficult for him and it still upsets him to think about it. He felt like less than a man because he knew what he was capable of, but his seizures were robbing him of his ability to do them.

For years Bert tried to control his seizures with medication but the medications became less and less effective. His doctor told him he needed to consider having brain surgery, but Bert had a deep fear of brain surgery. There was something about having someone operate on his brain that just scared him. So he found a doctor that was able to soothe his fears and took the time to listen to him.

Bert underwent testing to find out where his seizures were coming from and after they located the source of his seizures and decided it was a safe place to operate Bert faced his fear and underwent surgery.

After surgery Bert says he just wanted to get out of bed. He felt good for the first time in a long time and after he tested his limbs to make sure everything was still good he was thrilled to discover his brain was working!

After some months of recovering and being cared for by his doctors and the hospital, Bert felt like he had a new lease on life. He felt like a door to a horrible negative life had closed and the door to a new wonderful life had opened. He is now able to work, drive, and live a full life. If he had not undergone this treatment he would still be having seizures at best. His surgery gave him his life back.

Watch Bert’s story below for yourself. If you would like to share your own epilepsy story contact us! We would love to help you share it!

Epilepsy- Bert’s Story-Penn Medicine

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