Tidal Wave

It rises like a tidal wave

an unstoppable force…

full of destructive power

this emotion

emotion, that paralyzes logical thought

emotion, that stops rational thought in its tracks

and it plays you like a marionette,

with strings that just won’t shake loose. 

The dos and don’ts, 

The rules of etiquette,

The clarity of right and wrong are tossed from sight.

So that emotion…

becomes the sole engine, you are running on.

It plays you like a fiddle.

It doesn’t care that its actions might hurt you.

It doesn’t care that its actions might hurt someone else.

It felt threatened,

and took over like a tidal wave

and when it passes,

destruction is left in its wake.

The anxiety is like a hard stone in your chest,

that just won’t go away, 

because you can’t stop regretting your mistakes, from just an hour before.

Why oh why 

didn’t you just take a breath.

You desperately try and clean the aftermath.

You regret every word. 

Every moronic action,

when that furious tidal wave of emotion took over.

Soon it passes…

things calm,

the mess cleared away.

You walk away wiser.

And you pray that you don’t let that tidal wave

wash through on, another day.

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Quote from Tidal Wave Poem
Tidal Wave-Quote-By Susan Thomas

I am a writer, epilepsy advocate, pastor's wife, mom of 4 who doesn't care how old she is and would need a calculator to tell you how old she is.

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