I Want To Sleep

It took me completely

It took me by surprise

It was like a storm, 

on a sunny day. 

One moment I am smiling,



…the next I am on the floor.

People staring, as I hit the floor.

Questions being hurled at me…

as if I knew,  why the hell

I was on that floor.

As if the not knowing 

wasn’t bad enough.

I lose control,

over my emotions.

I look a mess

Sound a mess

And why the hell…

does my head hurt?

Why am I so tired?

What is going on?

I just want to sleep,

but no I am being put into an ambulance.

Doctors ask questions,

I just want to sleep.

They take blood,

I just want to sleep.

Family worries,

I just want to sleep.

Is this over?

Can I sleep yet?

I am so tired.

I just want to sleep.

Maybe if I sleep,

This will all go away

and I’ll pray…

it never comes another day. 

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Quote from I Just Want To Sleep-By Susan Thomas

I am a writer, epilepsy advocate, pastor's wife, mom of 4 who doesn't care how old she is and would need a calculator to tell you how old she is.

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