A Safe Place for Epileptics

What is Warriors With A Pen?

Warriors With A Pen is dedicated to bringing awareness to epilepsy, offering support to epileptics and their loved ones, and showing those on this difficult journey how to use their faith so they can live a fulfilling, joyful life despite their epilepsy diagnosis.

Susan Thomas- Creator of Warriors With A Pen

Susan Thomas is the creator of Warrior With A Pen. She had her first seizure at the age of two in a Payless Shoe Store. Her epilepsy went undiagnosed until she entered the eighth grade. She struggled through her teens and early twenties with uncontrolled seizures and this held her back from doing a great many things. After years of struggling with uncontrolled seizures and depression, she finally found control after discovering she had generalized epilepsy and not focalized epilepsy. She is now very happily married to a Pastor in Ohio, has four living kids and one angel baby. She has a strong passion for helping spread epilepsy awareness and helping other epileptics who are still struggling. She is also returning to college in 2020 to finish her degree so she can become a crisis counselor.

Where to Find Warriors With A Pen…

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A Good Place to Start…

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