About Warriors With A Pen

What is Warriors With A Pen?

This page has had a few evolutions as I have searched for my voice as a writer. Warriors with a pen is where I share my journey with you as I try and transition from an aspiring novelist to a published and professional writer. Here I will share with you my writing journey, tips I pick up along the way, short stories and poems, and updates on my novel in progress.

About Me

My name is Susan Thomas. I am a mother to four beautiful children who are ages 7 and under. I am married to a wonderful man who is a pastor in the United Methodist Church. I am somewhere in my thirties but I don’t care about age so I would need a calculator to figure out my exact age. In addition to pursuing a writing career, I am also trying to finish my college degree in hopes of becoming a crisis counselor.

What Do You Write?

This may come as a surprise when you know I am a pastor’s wife, but I enjoy writing dark fantasy, horror, short stories of varying genres, and the occasional poem. I love a good scary story and I love to add elements of magic and fantasy in them. Writing them actually helps me relax and ironically I find writing darker stories easier to weave in themes of Christianity that will make you think. I like to take things to an extreme sometimes to show a point or to make the reader really think about a certain topic.

I also occasionally like to write a post about life or a current struggle I am going through. It helps me process and allow any potential readers to get to know me.

I also would like to add the reason I add elements of fantasy into my horror is I also have a love of true crime and I don’t want my scary stories to be to real. I want them to be an escape from the awfulness of this world or to just help the reader have a good scare without fear that it could actually happen. I want my stories to be enjoyable and I don’t want to find out fifty years from now when I am old that they inspired some psycho. In fact, any stories I find to be real I never share.

What about all that epilepsy content I liked before?

If you initially found this site when it was exclusively dedicated to epilepsy no worries. All those articles will not be removed. I will be putting them all in their own category so they are easy to find. I hope they continue to be of use to people out there and I don’t plan on abandoning the topic altogether. I will still write about it on occasion. I hope you find the remodel of this site enjoyable.