He Was Dead

A note to the reader: This story was written to A Nightmare On Elm Street Pandora Radio station. Listening to this radio station while reading may enhance the creepy factor if so desired.

I thought he was dead. I had been happy he was dead. His death was one of the strangest days of my life, but somehow there he was standing in the rain, at night, in front of my house. The street lamp hit him just right as he stood on the paved road. My heart was pounding with panic. Should I run? Was I hallucinating? He was dead. I saw it. 

I was stuck to the spot. I was stuck staring at him from the big front window in the living room. I knew I should move. I knew I should probably get out of there, but I couldn’t move. My forehead was beginning to break out in a sweat and it took every ounce of concentration I had to keep my breathing steady and calm. 

Suddenly he began to approach my house and I let out a scream. I quickly ran to the front door to bolt it, but I wasn’t fast enough. He came barging through the door. I screamed again and tried to run away, but his cold wet hand grabbed me by the back of the neck. 

He dragged me through my house to the backdoor. He opened the door and threw me outside into my backyard in the pouring rain. I landed hard onto the ground and my clothes got all muddy. I was panicking and in my panic, I found it impossible to get up. I kept slipping on the wet grass. 

I don’t know what was scarier. The fact that a man I believed dead was coming for me or the fact I lived so far out in the country that no one would hear me scream. If something happened to me no one would know something was wrong until Monday morning when I was due to go to work. 

His pace was steady as he continued to come towards me. I couldn’t see his face as he was wearing a navy blue raincoat and his hood was covering him in darkness. 

“Please! Leave me alone!” 

He let out a laugh. It was sarcastic in tone and chilled me to my core. I kept inching backward in my yard as he came towards me. I kept crawling backward with my eyes fixed on him until I reached the spot. I didn’t need to see it to know I had reached it. 

I was right on top of that spot. The topsoil still regrowing new grass and it was soft from all the rain. He pointed down at the spot I was on and growled at me. 

“ I am sorry! Please forgive me! I am sorry! Please leave me alone!”

My voice sounded panicked and shrill as the words left my lips. I was shaking from the cold rain and my clothes were covered in mud now. He reached me and stood over me and stared at me. I could see the blackness of his eyes. The emptiness of them. They looked as dead and lifeless as the night I last saw him. 


The words chilled my very soul and I began to scream again. The night he died began to flash through my mind. I could see the argument we got into. He was so upset with me. He found out everything I told him was a lie. He hadn’t even known my real name. He wanted to call the police. I panicked and next thing I knew I was plunging a carving knife from the kitchen into his chest. His blood all over my face and hands. I kept stabbing for so long. It seemed to take forever. Then he was still. He was cold and my clean floor was red. 

He looked at me dead in the eyes. “GO TO HELL…BITCH!” 

Suddenly he was gone. He just disappeared. How was this possible? How could he just disappear like that? This couldn’t be possible. Could it? Was this all just a nightmare? Surely I would soon wake up in a sweat in my nice warm bed. 

Then I felt cold dead hands grab my wrists. I looked down and his hands were reaching up from the hole I had buried him in and were holding me tight. I let out a blood-curdling scream and tried to break free with every ounce of my strength, but the hands held tight. 

“Let me go!” 

Dozens of ghastly white dead arms came shooting out of the ground. I screamed in terror. I wanted to run, but his cold dead hands kept me fast to that horrid spot. The arms embraced me all over my body. 

I was now unable to move. I cried and screamed as loud as I could hoping against hope that someone would hear me. That someone would be driving past my house in the middle of the night and hear me scream, but no one came. I slowly was dragged down deeper and deeper into that hole and then all went black. 

I now have no concept of time. I am now trapped in a blackness like no other. I can’t move. I can’t breathe, but something tells me I am still alive. I can feel pain. I feel hungry, but I still feel alive. I should be dead, but I still feel alive.

I can hear the voices of those above. I heard the voices of those looking for me. I heard the voices of the police. I tried to scream out for them, but I am stuck. I can’t make a sound. Each time the terror and panic begin to subside he appears alongside me with the ghastly white demons. I try to scream and they find much delight.  Their devilish laughter echoing in my ears. 

I cry as I hear what those I loved truly thought of me. I cry as I realize how alone I really am. I scream as I realize no one cares that I am gone. I scream as I realize I will be here forever amongst these ghastly devils. I now want to die with every fiber of my being, but I somehow know they have no plans on letting me die anytime soon.

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