10 Inspirational Quotes for the Epileptic

Living with epilepsy from day to day is a difficult task even on the best of days. Having to go about your day wondering if today will be a day if you have a seizure or not or in some cases how many will you have. Maybe you have gone years without one and just recently had a breakthrough seizure and your pretty upset right now or perhaps you are tired of not finding any control. What ever your situation hopefully these inspirational quotes will give you a bit of hope and peace today.

1 A Quote From Our Childhood

When you have epilepsy it is so easy to think less of yourself. During the years my epilepsy was uncontrolled I really struggled with school and my self esteem took hits as I watched my peers get to do things I couldn’t because of my epilepsy. Maybe if I had this inspirational quote to look at each day I may have been able to build up my self esteem. Remember that your epilepsy is a liar. You are smart, brave, and strong. You have to be stronger than most to still be here fighting today. If you have made it this far it speaks volumes to how brave, strong, and smart you really are!

The Importance of Positive Self Talk

2 Fight and Appreciate

Just because you have epilepsy doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish your dreams. Just because you have epilepsy doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish something small each day. For years I believed the lie that epilepsy meant I couldn’t be or do what I wanted. It took me too long to figure out otherwise. Write down one big goal today and break that goal down into small accomplish able goals you slowly take each day. For example one of my big goals is to finish my degree and my first small step was finding the right school for me. You can do this!

The Importance of Celebrating Small Wins

3 Human Spirit

I am a strong believer that you are never given anything you can’t handle. Yes it will be hard. A journey with epilepsy is indescribably difficult, but you can do this. Just know that no matter how hard it is you are never really alone. It may feel like it sometimes but you are not alone. There are millions that fight this disease to and as someone of faith I believe that God will help you through the most difficult parts of this journey.

Trust God Even When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

4 Share your story

One of the most frustrating things about epilepsy is all the stigma and myths that float around about it. Sometimes on a bad day it can be easy to just play the victim, but we are the solution to that stigma. If each of us proudly shared that story and took the time to educate the stigma and lack of research funding just might start to change.

Sharing Your Story

5 Epilepsy Does Not Define Me

Do not fall into the trap of letting your epilepsy define who you are. As a teen I did just that. I was that girl with a seizure problem and so I stayed in my bubble of fear and didn’t accomplish much. It took me a long time to see who I was as a person. I wasn’t an epileptic I was someone who happened to have epilepsy. There was a difference. I now can say I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, follower of Christ, warrior, writer, and so many other things. Write down who you are and don’t let your epilepsy into your definition.

You are not your condition

6 People Will Embrace You

Epilepsy can be isolating if you let it. Having epilepsy you might lose some valued relationships with friends or family members, but if they abandon you over it than they didn’t really care for you in the first place. Having epilepsy taught what a real friend looks like. A real friend, someone who really cares, is someone who will be with you through your bad seizure days and you will be with them in their own unique bad days. A real friend is someone who when you tell them you have epilepsy doesn’t care because they see the person who you really are despite of it. Let go of the friendships that weren’t what you thought and seek out people who will really care for you.

Who Are Your Real Friends?

7 I Won’t Give Up

Things may look bleak right now but don’t lose faith. Their is always hope that you might find control. Their is always hope you will find purpose. Their is always hope you can find a way to live a full life even with this burden to carry on your shoulders.

Don’t Give Up

8 This to Shall Pass

Remember despite what you may be feeling right now or what you are experiencing right now this will pass. You will laugh again. You will be happy again. You will love again. It’s the way of life. We experience great hardship and pain and eventually it fades and we have a time of peace and happiness. Wait for the tide of your epilepsy to go out and try and find that one good thing each day so you begin to see the happy even when life seems like crap.

Going Through Tough Times

9 Don’t Stress

Let’s face it there is a lot of things about epilepsy that is out of our control. We can’t necessarily control when or if we will have a seizure. We can’t control what others think about it or say. We can’t control if we receive the proper care in an emergency situation. Instead focus on what you can do. You can make sure those close to you are educated. You can prepare for public outings. You can take your medicine or treatment. You can control how YOU handle it. Stressing over what you can’t control could even make your seizures worse!

How To Stop Worrying

10 Inspire

Believe it or not you could be the reason someone else finds the strength to keep going on their own journey. Many times we become so focused on our pain and our problems we don’t realize the influence we have on others. Chances are there is someone in your life that you inspire and you don’t even know it. Keep moving forward. By just choosing to keep being a warrior you are making a difference.

Be You

I hope these ten motivational quotes have helped brighten your day. If you are looking for more information check out my post of inspirational songs for the epileptic or my post about celebrities with epilepsy.

If you would like to share your story on this blog feel free to contact me. My contact info is in the contact us section of this website. If you have any quotes you feel should have made the list send them to me! They make it in for a part two!