My Dearest Young One

My dearest young one,

I see your struggle

to see your worth.

I see your struggle

to find your voice.

I see your struggle 

to find your strength.

I see your struggle

to find good friends.

I see your struggle

to remember.

I see your struggle

to learn.

I see your struggle

against medication.

I see you falling

into darkness.

I see you crying.

I see you praying.

I know your struggle.

I know your every pain.

I know them, oh so well.

I know things look bleak and dim.

I know you’re tempted to give in.

My dear young one,

listen close…

these times will pass, this I promise. 

You will find your joy.

You will find good friends.

You will find your voice.

These struggles will pass.

It may seem like forever,

but this too shall pass. 

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My Dearest Young One-Poetry Quote-By Susan Thomas