About Warriors With A Pen

What is Warriors With A Pen?

When I first started this site a few years ago I struggled with this question. First, it was somewhere to write devotions, then my passion for spreading epilepsy took hold and it turned into that instead. Now it’s evolving again. You see I LOVE to write! It ‘s the one thing that was consistent in my effort to start a blog. The writing part. So now this is a place that will no longer be limited to one topic. It will be limited to topics I love. I may write about something in my life, share a short story, or tell you how my next writing project is. In short, this is just a place for me to be me.

Okay…Who Are You?

My name is Susan E. Thomas. I am happily married to Anthony Thomas who is a pastor for the United Methodist Church. I have four beautiful children, five if you count my angel baby. I love to write dark fantasy or sometimes straight-up horror or dark and disturbing stories. I also like to write about my epilepsy, mom life, my weight-loss journey, my faith, and so so so many other things. I finally realized creating a separate site for each of my interests was just plain dumb. So here we are a site for my hodgepodge of writing interests.

What about all that epilepsy content I liked before?

If you initially found this site when it was exclusively dedicated to epilepsy no worries. All those articles will not be removed. I will be putting them all in their own category so they are easy to find. I hope they continue to be of use to people out there and I don’t plan on abandoning the topic altogether. I will still write about it on occasion. I hope you find the remodel of this site enjoyable.